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What is the Difference between Over-The-Range Microwave and Countertop Microwave

by Editor 21 Oct 2022 0 Comments
What is the Difference between Over-The-Range Microwave and Countertop Microwave


With the development of the times, the microwave oven has become one of the most important small appliances in the kitchen. The advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and time-saving provide many convenient conditions for people who go to work. Microwave ovens are sometimes loved for quick meals. Today's microwave ovens can not only do the job of reheating cold coffee and packaged macaroni and cheese but also cook meals and defrost foods in no time.

Microwave ovens are mainly divided into desktop microwave ovens and Over-The-Range microwave ovens.

Countertop Microwave 

Countertop microwave oven is the most common type, but the model beyond the range can also improve your kitchen kit, especially. The worktable microwave oven is the key equipment of any beginner's kitchen, such as in the first home or off-campus apartment. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the best performance, as this product "SMAD Countertop Microwave with 1000 Watt Cooking Power-1.1 cu. ft" has proved for 150 dollars or less.

Over-The-Range Microwave

Over-The-Range microwave ovens are better known and used to save space and inhale oil fumes. But Over-The-Range microwaves start more expensive but are more versatile than countertop microwaves. While cooking, you can use the microwave for smoking and other functions, but this function is not worth mentioning compared to its price. But this microwave oven will have lighting and ventilation systems at the bottom, so it can double as a kitchen vent, and some expensive ones also come with convection, baking, air frying, and other functions.


Choosing the right microwave oven will not only meet your needs but make the cooking the cooking easy and your kitchen tidy. The following will compare these two models from the perspective of price, space, power and other specifications.

  1. Price

Countertop microwaves are usually less expensive than other types, with small ones starting at $60, medium ones fortunately usually between $100-300, while Over-The-Range microwaves usually start at $400, but most prices probably over $1000, so countertop microwaves can offer lower prices along with a premium look.

  1. Space Required

Another difficulty in choosing a microwave oven is measuring the amount of space required. In addition to measuring how much capacity your microwave can hold on the countertop or range, you also need to decide how much capacity you need. Dimensions are based on cubic space, so if you see the abbreviation "1.0 cubic feet," you'll know it stands for cubic feet. You can find ultra-compact, space-saving models in less than 0.9 cubic feet. The smaller size allows you to reheat, defrost and make a great bag of popcorn. The larger types come in sizes from 1.7 cubic feet and up, giving you more flexibility.

  1. Power

Ovens of different sizes have different power, and the size of the power determines the fast cooking of the food. Most OTR microwave are 1000 watts, and countertop microwave are 750 watts. The 1000 watts cook chicken and food faster than the 750 watts. Of course, there are also a small number of countertop microwave ovens that feature 1000 watts, like SMAD countertop microwave can achieve 1000 watts.


  1. Turntables and Trays

Regarding turntables and trays, they keep the food moving for even heating. Most microwaves have a turntable that spins the food. And as for the shortcut keys, a single tap will extend the preset cooking time with a single tap, maintaining whatever power level is selected. It also allows you to quickly adjust your previous settings.

  1. Convective System

 For countertop microwaves also have many features that have convection cooking and air frying, features that give your kitchen the appeal of a second oven. And Over-The-Range microwave ovens, Over-The-Range microwave ovens not only have basic functions such as convection cooking and air frying, but also exhaust system; hood light, powerful fan, low and high racks included.

The two kinds of microwave ovens have different features, which result in different functions. Before you jump into the decision you’d better get to know the differences between them and then make your choice.

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