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Something you need to consider before buying and using a wine cooler

by Editor 10 Nov 2022 0 Comments
Something  you need to consider before buying and using a wine cooler

    For wine lovers, wine coolers can improve their well-being. If you want to preserve wine for a long time, a constant temperature, controlled humidity, dark and ventilated, and shock-resistant environment are quite essential. Unless your home is in a temperate climate and you've dug a dark, dank cellar, buying an electronic wine cooler that automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity would be the only solution. So I will tell you something you need to consider before buying and using a wine cooler.

Before buying a wine cooler

Cooling System

    Wine coolers can be divided into compressor wine coolers and semiconductor wine coolers according to the cooling method. The compressor wine cooler has a good cooling effect and a large temperature control range: generally between 5~22℃, while the semiconductor wine cooler is generally 10~18℃. Moreover, the compressor wine cooler is less affected by the ambient temperature. Even in a high-temperature environment, the temperature in the wine cooler can still reach the ideal storage temperature of the wine, while the semiconductor wine cooler can only drop 6~8°C lower than the ambient temperature. In addition, the compressor refrigeration technology is mature, the performance is stable, and it is not easy to malfunction. Generally, the frequency conversion technology is used, and the compressor works intermittently, so the service life is as long as 8 to 10 years; while the semiconductor wine cooler is generally 3 to 5 years.

    If the price of the wine is relatively high, the quality is good, and the life cycle is long, it is recommended to use the compressor wine cooler because it can maintain and improve the quality of the wine and help the wine to appreciate. On the contrary, a semiconductor electronic wine cooler can be used, and it is cheaper than a compressor wine cooler.


    Different wines need to be stored at different temperatures, and the temperature needs to be kept stable for a long time. Because temperature changes can affect how quickly the wine matures and tastes. If the storage temperature of the wine changes sharply many times, it will make the taste rough, and it will also affect the wine owner's control over the aging time.

    For a wine cooler with better quality, the actual temperature and the set temperature are only allowed to have an error of 0.6°C, and there will be no large temperature fluctuations.


    A humidity of about 70% is the best for wine storage. Too wet can easily make the cork and wine label rot, and too dry can easily make the cork dry and lose its elasticity and cannot seal the bottle tightly. But cooler coolers, such as air conditioners or refrigerators, reduce humidity, so if humidity is too low, use a water basin with damp sand or wood chips to improve the wine cooler humidity.


    Excessive vibration can also affect the quality of the wine. When the wine cooler vibrates, so does the wine stored inside. This will make the wine cloudy and oxidized, speed up the aging process of the wine, and affect the taste and quality of the wine. Before buying, we can check whether the manufacturer has explained the vibration of the wine cooler, or choose a wine cooler whose noise does not exceed 40db, because generally speaking, a wine cooler with less noise has less vibration, such as SMAD 33-Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Cooler. This wine cooler not only has low vibration but also has precise temperature control and is inexpensive. It is very suitable for storing wine.

While using a wine cooler

  1. The wine cooler location avoids direct sunlight, is away from heat sources and is well-ventilated. Also do not place it in a damp or splashy place, which will easily damage or rust the wine cabinet.
  2. Clean the inside of the wine cooler once a year, just gently scrub the wine cooler with a soft cloth dipped in water, do not directly spray it with water or scrub with a stiff brush or steel wire.
  3. Do not store food or fruit in the electronic wine cooler, and do not store pre-packaged food, or you will regret it. Try to store only wine or sealed beverages.
  4. Once the electronic wine cooler is turned on, do not move it, and the door should not be opened on weekdays. If you can fill the wine cooler with wine, it will help the overall temperature to be uniform.

    Blindly buying a wine cooler is irresponsible for fine wine. Please carefully consider the above suggestions when buying and using a wine cooler so as to buy a suitable wine cooler and give full play to the value of each bottle of wine.

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