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What is the Difference between French Door Refrigerator and Side-by-side Refrigerator?

by wangshuchun 26 Jun 2023 0 Comments
What is the Difference between French Door Refrigerator and Side-by-side Refrigerator?

Currently, the most popular types of refrigerators are French door and Side-by-Side, what is the difference between them? How to choose a refrigerator that perfectly suits your family's needs? It just so happens that SMAD provides two products at the same time, and today we will make a comparative introduction for you.SMAD-French door vs Side-by-Side door refrigerator

What is french door refrigerator?

A French door refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that features two narrow doors on the top of the unit that open outward, with one or two bottom freezer drawers beneath the doors. This style of refrigerator has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its sleek and modern design, as well as its functional benefits, such as wider shelves and easier access to the top compartment. French door refrigerators are also often equipped with advanced features like water dispensers, ice makers, and temperature-controlled compartments.

SMAD 22.5 Cu.ft French door refrigerator puts refrigerated food within easy reach while providing ample and flexible storage for wide items. Double Circulation System, two freezer drawers & Separate Precise Electronic Temperature Controls for different chambers help to prevent temperature fluctuations and avoid odors and flavors mixing. Passed the E-STAR and adopts the inverter compressor technology. The annual power consumption is as low as 588KWH, reducing your electricity bill. And 45dB night operation does not affect your sleep.

Smad 22.5cu.ft french door refrigerator with auto ice maker

What is Side-by-Side Refrigerator?

A side by side refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that has a vertical split down the middle, with a freezer compartment on one side and a refrigeration compartment on the other. This type of refrigerator typically has two narrow doors that open outwards, with the freezer door on one side and the refrigerator door on the other. Side by side refrigerators are popular because they offer a more organized layout of the refrigerated and frozen items. They also take up less space with their doors open as they don’t extend outwards like the French door refrigerators. Side by side refrigerators often come with various features such as in-door water and ice dispensers, humidity-controlled vegetable compartments, and adjustable shelving.

The SMAD 26.3 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator allows you to store your preferred refrigerated and frozen items at a comfortable eye level. Additionally, its handy door dispenser enables you to access chilled water, cubed or crushed ice. It also features top-quality glass shelves that make it easier for you to locate your desired items and ensure effortless cleaning. Moreover, the elegant LED lighting guarantees maximum visibility and lower energy consumption.SMAD 26.3 Cu.ft Side by Side door Refrigerator


  1. The size range is similar, both are designed to be counter depth, and both can meet the needs of large storage space.
  2. The colors are generally stainless steel, white, and black, which can meet the needs of customers for the beauty and matching of the kitchen.
  3. Multifunctional partitions, independent temperature control, to meet the freshness conditions of different ingredients

What is the Difference between french door refrigerator and Side by side refrigerator?

Obviously, the first and the most important difference is the door types and the way of partition.

Refrigerator chamber:

For side-by-side refrigerators, the horizontal space is narrow and there are restrictions on the size of items;

The design of the refrigerator compartment of French door models cancels the middle partition beam, forming an ultra-wide horizontal space layout, overcoming the space limitation of the left and right vertical arrangement of the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment of the traditional side-by-side refrigerator, and providing an unprecedented super large space, for convenient storage of gourmet meals of various sizes.

For example, you'd be hard-pressed to fit long lengths of celery in a side-by-side fridge, but it's easy with a French-door fridge.

Freezer chamber:

Side-by-side refrigerators have more freezer space and most frozen foods can be stored at eye level

French door refrigerator: The freezer drawer is located at the bottom and has a large lateral space, which can store a whole fish, a whole leg of lamb, etc.

Why French Door Refrigerators Are More Expensive Than Side-by-side Refrigerators?

  1. French door refrigerators’ design and construction are more complex. They use a unique design that requires more materials and engineering, including specialized hinges and a sophisticated drawer system, which increases production costs.
  2. The space utilization rate of the French door is higher. French door refrigerators typically have a smaller footprint than others of the same capacity.
  3. French door models are often associated with a more upscale and modern design, which may drive up their cost due to their perceived value in the market.

So how to choose?

Usage Habits:
French door refrigerators typically have wider shelves and drawers that can fit larger items such as pizza boxes or platters, making them ideal for large families who need to store more food. Additionally, the freezer compartment is usually easier to access as it is located in the bottom drawer. Alternatively, side-by-side refrigerators offer more evenly distributed storage space and are easy to organize, with some models having built-in features such as door-in-door designs or adjustable shelves.

Aesthetic Preferences:
Both French door and side-by-side refrigerators come in a variety of finishes and designs, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. French door refrigerators typically have a sleek and modern look. Side-by-side refrigerators have a more traditional look, with the fridge and freezer compartments side by side.

Typically, side-by-side refrigerators are less expensive than French door refrigerators, but this can vary depending on the specific model, brand, and features.SMAD HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES

Overall, it depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you have a larger family and frequently need to store big items, a French door refrigerator may be a better option. If you prefer a more even distribution of storage space and have a smaller budget, a side-by-side refrigerator may be the way to go.

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