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How to choose a garage ready freezer?

by wangshuchun 07 Jun 2023 0 Comments
How to choose a garage ready freezer?

In the hot summer, the high temperature outside makes us hope to minimize the number of times we go out. It is best to purchase as much items as possible at one time and keep them at home for a long time. But with more hoarding items, not only is there not enough space in the refrigerator, but the kitchen space has also become crowded. If you have a basement or garage, consider adding a convertible upright freezer to store more ice cream, pizza, meat, and more.

What is a garage ready freezer?

What is a garage ready freezer?

Since many families already have a refrigerator in their home kitchens and the space is crowded, in order to increase the space for storing more food, they will choose to add a freezer in the garage or basement. However, the influence of ambient temperature on the operation of the refrigerator needs to be considered. Unlike regular home use scene, there aren’t heating and air conditioning in garages, the temperature in these places is often uncontrolled and fluctuates greatly. The core problem to be solved in the design of a garage ready freezer is the adaptation to extreme ambient temperatures.

In warmer temperatures, freezers need to work extra hard to cool down the internal environment with the help of the compressor, which is essential to counteract the heat outside. However, during extremely cold temperatures, the compressor will only turn on when the external temperature rises above the temperature set for the freezer. To handle both high heat and bitter cold, garage-ready freezers are designed specifically with specialized compressors, thick insulation, and triple-sealed gaskets. These features help to maintain the internal temperature more effectively.

SMAD upright freezers are designed to maintain stable and consistent cooling under extreme temperatures from 0ᵒ–110ᵒ F, which feature makes them the perfect solution for garage or basement storage.

How to choose a garage ready freezer?

The service life of home appliances such as freezers and refrigerators is generally 8 to 10 years. Once purchased, they are in operation every day, so it is best to buy the most suitable one at a time.

  1. Determine the size

The size of the home freezer should be determined according to your family size, living habits and kitchen space to ensure that you can store enough food and drinks while still using it conveniently.

The larger the family population, the greater the amount of food that needs to be stored, so a larger refrigerated space is required. 

Lifestyle habits: If you are used to hoarding more food and drinks, then you need a larger freezer; if you prefer to buy fresh food at any time, then a smaller freezer may be enough.

Garage space: When choosing the size of the freezer, the size of the available space in the garage should also be considered. Make sure the freezer fits in its intended location and opens and closes smoothly.

  1. Chest or Upright types

Chest freezers and upright freezers are the two most common types. If your budget is small with low frequency of use, you can choose a cheaper chest freezer. But it takes up a larger footprint, fewer shelves make it difficult to organize, and normally it requires manual defrosting, which is cumbersome to use.Upright freezer and Chest freezer

If your budget is sufficient, the frequency of use is high, it is recommended to choose an upright freezer with a smaller footprint. Multiple adjustable shelves make it easier to organize and clean. Moreover, the refrigeration and freezing modes can be switched with one button, and different temperatures can be set according to the needs of different seasons.

  1. Manual or Automatic Defrosting

Most small chest freezers tend to develop frost, which can cause various problems in our daily lives. Frost occupies a significant amount of space, thereby reducing the actual usable capacity of the freezer. For instance, a 100L freezer may have an actual usable space of less than 70 liters due to frost accumulation. Furthermore, frost consumes a lot of electricity, hinders the freezing process, and leads to high power consumption. It may also stick to ingredients, making it difficult to distinguish between different kinds of food, potentially promoting bacterial growth. In such cases, you may have to manually defrost the freezer, which consumes time and effort.

Fortunately, many upright freezers can now implement ventilated cooling systems and automatic defrosting. SMAD no frost design of upright freezers frees you from the hassle of manual emptying of contents or dealing with ice build-up.

  1. Energy consumption

Since freezers are appliances that we use on a daily basis for a long time, their energy efficiency levels have a direct effect on our household bills. The temperature in the garage fluctuates greatly, and regular refrigerators will consume a lot of power when working under huge ambient temperature fluctuations.

ENERGY STAR freezers are at least ten percent more energy efficient than the minimum federal standard and use advanced technology to deliver substantial energy savings.E-star certified SMAD 13.8 Cu.ft upright freezer not only can run smoothly in extreme garage ambient temperature, but also adopts advanced compressor technology, the annual power consumption is as low as 394kwh/Y. 

  1. User-Friendliness features:

Quick freezing:Enter quick freezer mode of SMAD 21 Cu.ft upright freezer, it can rapidly freeze your food by lowering the temperature below the normal operating level. The mode turns off automatically after three hours, if the temperature falls below -13°F (-25°C).

Using electronic control door panel with LED display, you can easily switch the SMAD upright freezers between refrigerator and freezer mode, set target temperature, choose ℃ or ℉ or start quick freezing.

Door opening alarm and High-temperature alarm can help you use the freezer correctly and safely, avoid energy waste and prolong the service life.

As a summary, when purchasing a freezer for your garage, you need to consider its ability to withstand extreme weather, your size requirements, space constraints, defrosting, energy consumption and if it comes with other user-friendly features. Whether in terms of size, performance or price, SMAD has a freezer that meets your needs. We hope this purchase guide can help you know more about the garage ready freezer.

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