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How to choose a wine cooler?

by Editor 09 Dec 2021 0 Comments
wine fridge

It is well known that wine is a living and breathing thing and it must be stored in a wine cooler, however, most people are not professionals in manufacturing, so this article is designed to teach you how to choose a proper and cost-effective wine refrigerator.

First of all, what should a good wine fridge have is a key question that you need to keep in your mind while choosing a wine cooler. The answer is simple, that is, what does your wine need? To keep the wine fresh and in the best condition, you should make sure that your wine is protected from heat, rays, and vibration. Starting from this point, we can easily define a good wine cooler.

Stable temperature – it does not have to be cold, but it has to be stable. The unstable temperature may cause damage to the wine. Hence the temperature control ability and stable cooling system of a wine cooler are extremely important. Check the temperature range before you purchase the wine fridge. If possible, it is better to check if the temperature could maintain at the level you set up.

Light-resistant – light can rearrange a wine’s chemical compounds – just like oxygen and temperature – and cause wine faults. The resulting wine is known as light-struck. That means the wine is prematurely aged and its taste, aroma, color, and mouthfeel have been irreparably changed for the worse. Most wine coolers in the market have a glass door, so it is important to check if the glass door could resist the light.

No vibration – Vibration is also harmful to wine. The compressor is the heart of the cooling system and when it is working, it might generate vibration. Therefore, a good quality compressor is necessary for a wine cooler.

In addition, there are many other factors that you need to consider when selecting the right wine fridge. These include size, volume, bottle capacity, length of anticipated storage time, and shelf life of the unit. The better the wines that are in your collection, the longer you are probably going to age them. The only way wines reach their full potential is when stored correctly and prevented from all the damages.

The SMAD wine cooler has a high-quality compressor that generates nearly zero vibration and noise while working. Because of this, the temperature inside the wine fridge is super stable. Moreover, the glass door is covered by a special film that can prevent most light. If you want to buy a wine cooler, SMAD is a good choice.

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