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How does a gas or propane powered refrigerator work?

by Editor 24 Feb 2022 0 Comments
How does a gas or propane powered refrigerator work?

 how does gas refrigerator work

It may seem counterintuitive that a gas or propane fueled flame can produce enough cooling power for a refrigerator, but this propane flame is the refrigeration catalyst and has been used since the 19th century.

1. How does a propane refrigerator work?

The propane refrigeration process developed by Michel Faraday in 1824 is known as "absorption refrigeration". Although it has been modified and adapted over the years, the basic theory remains the same, which is why propane appliances are sometimes referred to as absorption refrigerators. Sealed tubes and tanks containing liquid and gas react chemically under heat and pressure to produce a rapid refrigeration process using a condenser and compressor.
 how does gas refrigerator work
The first propane refrigerators were introduced in the the 1930' s. Refrigeration was quite new to the bulk market, and these refrigerators became popularity at a time especially many households did not have electricity.

2. Where are propane refrigerators most commonly used?

Propane refrigerators are a popular choice for RVs, cabins, lakeside cabins, or anywhere electricity is not available. They are budget-friendly and do not require an external power supply. How long does a propane refrigerator last? With a standard 20-pound propane tank, most units can run for 11 days without interruption. Users often report longer run times depending on the outside temperature, how often the refrigerator is accessed and the materials inside. In the worst case scenario, a propane refrigerator can operate continuously for a year, requiring refilling of approximately 33 standard propane tanks.
 gas used refrigerator cooling
Propane refrigerators are ideal for travelers or in areas where there is no electricity or frequent power outages. RV owners rely on propane to run their refrigerators on the road more reliably and efficiently than battery-powered refrigerators. Propane is also better than solar energy for continuous cooling needs for people who live off the grid or in extremely remote areas.

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