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How commercial refrigerators improve kitchen efficiency?

by wangshuchun 24 Feb 2023 0 Comments
How commercial refrigerators improve kitchen efficiency?

For cafes, pizzerias, bakery or any other restaurant entrepreneurs, choosing a suitable and durable refrigerator is very important in ensuring the dishes quality, saving costs and improving kitchen efficiency. The considerations when purchasing a commercial fridge are very different from those for home use.

For restaurants, coolers are required to have larger storage space, be able to withstand higher frequency of use and longer continuous working hours. Considering the convenience in actual use, you need to pay attention to following features that are otherwise easily overlooked.

  1. Door design that savemore power

When most restaurateurs buy a commercial refrigerator, they are concerned with its power consumption, cooling capacity, and whether it is made of sturdy materials.

In terms of power consumption, obviously the rated power is more concerned. Many start-ups would ignore the impact of the door design on daily electricity use.

The kitchen staff frequently use the refrigerators and hold a lot of food in their hands, sometimes inevitably, they are too occupied to remember to close the door. The temperature inside the open fridge will rise, resulting in food thawing and even spoilage, which can also increase energy waste. In these cases, self-closing doors are necessary.

However, when chefs organize food stock, or need to keep it open to look for certain foods, a door that closes itself in a hurry can also make it inconvenient. So that a design of self-closing door with stay-open feature came into being. It means that the door closes automatically when open to 90° or less, and stays when open past 90°. Which can ensure power saving and convenience of use at the same time.

  1. Usable space easy to organize

Not only the humanized stay-open door design, an easy-to-organize cooling space can also improve kitchen work efficiency. For buffets kitchens, amount of vegetables, meats and sauces are put in the fridge every day. The adjustable shelves can undoubtedly facilitate the quick storage of new purchased items, and with the reach-in glass door, the food in any corner of the refrigerator is at a glance and become easy to access. SMAD commercial refrigerator features heavy-duty PVC coated shelves, not only allows adjust the height of those layers according to the size of food products, but also help keep out moisture and resist corrosion and rusting.

  1. Automatic Defrosting

Traditional direct-cooling appliances are cheaper, whose cooling speed is slower, the internal temperature is uneven, the most troublesome is it requires monthly manual defrosting, you need to cut off the power supply and transfer food. For large-capacity commercial refrigerators. Not only does the defrosting process take too much time, but it can also be a challenge to food preservation.

SMAD reach-in door refrigerators and freezers use the ventilated cooling system, in which you can see a fan device, which promotes the circulation of cold air inside. It cools evenly and quickly, and you can set the temperature and automatic defrosting time through electronic temperature control system.

The function automatic defrosting will free your staff from monthly clearing out ice, and save their time and energy to concentrate on better customer service.

  1. Preinstalled heavy-duty casters with brakes

In a busy kitchen, after days of heavy cooking work it tends to accumulate oily fumes and water stains everywhere. As a place where food is served, regular and thorough kitchen cleaning is so valued that may affect the staff safety and even the customer satisfaction. But it can be frustrating to move huge kitchen appliances that are large in size and heavy in durable materials. SMAD Refrigerators preinstalled heavy-duty casters with brakes can provide great convenience when changing the place of use or cleaning the kitchen.

Choosing a suitable refrigeration equipment not only can keep your food fresh, but also is closely related to the kitchen work efficiency. We hope the above recommendations are useful for your kitchen plan and wish you a prosperous business.

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