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Find more space to freeze pizzas? Small Freezer Types, Features & More

by wangshuchun 10 Feb 2023 0 Comments
Find more space to freeze pizzas? Small Freezer Types, Features & More

Household refrigerators are durable. How old is your refrigerator?The longer it has been used, the more those compartments gets crowded. Although the refrigerator is still in good condition, the space is usually not enough.

Why do you need a small freezer instead of a larger one

Buying a new large refrigerator not only means a big outlay, but throwing out the old one is also an environmentally unfriendly waste. A substitute solution is to buy a small freezer to add more freezing space for your need, which costs less.

Besides, it takes up less space, and is easy to be moved to different scenarios, like living room, bedroom, garage, or camping. For renters, the mini refrigerator will not be a burden when moving. Purchasing a small size freezer can greatly improve the quality of life and increase convenience.

  1. For those who live far away from the food market and those who organize dinner parties, they buy a lot of food at one time, such as chicken, fish, seafood, pork, etc. No matter how big their home refrigerator is, the ice compartment space may also be insufficient.
  2. For young people who don't like to cook, they undoubtedly need a freezer space to store ice cubes, ice cream and frozen foods (such as pizza, lasagna, ready meals, dumplings, etc). when encountering a big sale in the supermarket, it is very frustrating not to be able to stock up wantonly due to concerns about the space of refrigerator. For people who rent apartments, the use of limited fridge volume is even more of a headache.
  3. The storage of breast milk and medication requires a space separately. Usually the ice compartment of household refrigerators is occupied with meat and seafood, so that breast milk or medicine storage needs another mini freezer to keep bacteria away.
  4. Food trucks and coffee carts have become popular recently. People choose the creative way to make money as a side gig, or just to have fun on holidays. For these small merchants who want to start a Food Truck Business or even go to the camping market, the limited space in their vehicles and the problem of outdoor power supply make food preservation a problem. A portable camping freezer that does not rely on electric power, with small footprint, becomes necessary.

Small Freezer Types, Features & More

1. Compressor freezers:

1.1 Chest Freezer (Horizontal):
Advantages: Larger freezing space,cheap(Lower unit price per liter).
Disadvantages: Larger footprint, difficult to organize, not easy to access when there are too many things

SMAD Chest Freezer Mini Freezer-3.5 Cu.Ft

Key Features

    • Cooling range from -4°F to 6.8°F
    • Low frost storage to prevent nutrient loss
    • Keep the temperature inside below 32°F for up to 135 hours in case of power outage.
    • High-efficiency cooling technology
    • Energy consumption as low as 143 kw.h/yr
       1.2 Upright Freezer (Vertical):

Advantages: Smaller footprint, with shelves and clear layers, easy to reach the deepest part and access food: 

Disadvantages: more expensive (Higher unit price per liter) than chest freezer, smaller use space, can't store big items.

 SMAD Upright Conversion Freezer And Refrigerator-13.8 Cu.Ft

Key Features

      • Frost free cooling system, free you from annoying manual defrost
      • Refrigerator or Freezer convertible, to preserve fresh food or make ice depends on your needs.
      • Reversible door allows left and right open

    2. Propane Gas Absorption Chest Freezer

    Advantages:Without built-in compressor, much lighter than the above types, easy to move, low noise & No Freon 

    3 Way Working:LPG/DC 12V/AC 110V. Suitable for different application scenarios: outdoors, areas with unstable power supply, quiet enough for living rooms or bedrooms.

    Disadvantages: High unit price. In case of using LPG, there are many safety precautions and careful maintenance is required. Turn to the related blog.

    SMAD 2.4 Cu.Ft Propane Gas Chest RV Freezer 110V/12V

    Key Features

      • Absorption Cooling System:Quiet & No Freon
      • Temperature Range: -4℉~6.8℉
      • A Hanging Wire Storage Basket to keep your items organized
      • Interior Aluminum liner makes it easy to clean
      • Adjustable Foot Allows to Place it on Uneven Surface
      • 45°-90° Auto-hold Door Hinges Set Your Hands Free


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