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Your Best Seasonal Partner: Gas Refrigerator

by Editor 10 Nov 2021 0 Comments
Your Best Seasonal Partner: Gas Refrigerator

As summer is finally here, the demand for travel is slowing creeping its way back up again. People are desperate to look for a summer getaway from the overwhelmed COVID-19 depression. Still, many remained wary of densely-packed transportation means like plane, train or cruise ship. That’s why this year is destined to be the year of recreational vehicle and its perfect match: Gas Refrigerator. Gas refrigerators have been the king of off-grid refrigeration for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. They’re reliable, energy-efficient, and sustainable in an off-grid environment and they are much more than that.

How does gas refrigerator works?

The sealed cooling system located at the rear of propane-powered fridge holds water, liquid ammonia, and hydrogen gas and uses propane flame to heat the water and ammonia to its boiling point in what is called a generator. The gas material then rises into a condensing chamber where it cools and returns to fluidity. This fluid then flows into another chamber - the evaporator—where it mixes with hydrogen gas. It’s here that a chemical reaction occurs that pulls or absorbs heat from inside the refrigerator. Once the solution absorbs enough heat, the ammonia returns to a gas state, starting the process over again. This self-contained system doesn’t rely on mechanical, or moving parts, meaning these units remain reliable for years.

What are the advantages of using a gas refrigerator?

Ever-increasing electric bill, especially in summer, could constitute a great stress for many struggling consumers. When it comes to refrigerator, the summer must-have appliance, most of consumers today will choose to stick to the common electric refrigerator, because they are used to this term and unaware of the plausibility of other options. Gas refrigerator, however, could significantly reduce your energy bill during the hot summer month. Matter-of-factly, for many RVers, refrigerator could constitutes a large drain on house battery with approximately 20% to 25% of the battery power consumed per day. Propane gas is more economical and efficient compared with electricity. A gas refrigerator user should be able to get 20 days of use with only a 20# propane cylinder and if you have natural gas supplied to the location, the cost shall be reduced by a considerable amount. Over the long run, gas powered cooling system can cost one-third less to operate compared with the electric one. Other than the aforementioned benefits, propane has long been recognized as clean and green energy, which can help cut emissions and protect the environment. It also possessed a remarkable safe record, due in large part to the stringent codes and regulations developed by the propane industry.


Gas refrigerator can also free you from the worries that certain parts of electric refrigerators run with freon and compressor/pump may wear out and become unreliable, which amplifies the reliability and prolongs length of service. When unexpected natural disaster takes a hold and the power system shut down, your gas refrigeration system will still work. Propane can be stored safely in a tank on your property, while electricity is subject to power outages. Reliable propane works when and where other energy sources don't - which makes it quite versatile. What could be  better than having less stress knowing that during a disaster your food is safe until the event is over?

Gas refrigerator could make a perfect RV/caravan refrigerator and an ideal companion to keep your food and drinks cold during the long road trips. Most RV refrigerator could switch between electricity and LP gas, catering customer’s needs of using propane or generator. Gas refrigerator is a great choice for people who live in boondocks, recreational vehicles, cabins, lake houses or any place that suffers frequent power outages. That being said, gas refrigerator is not only beneficial for off-grid areas but also a viable option for many households to be more prepared in case of emergency and to have a fridge with longer operating lifespan.

Having trouble finding a cost-effective refrigerator?

If you are looking for cost-effective gas refrigerators of great quality, Smad would be the ultimate smart choice. SMAD Electric Appliances Co., Ltd was established in 1999. SMAD is the professional manufacturer of home appliances integrating research and production, gas absorption refrigerator is one of the main/featured products of Smad. And we have a whole range of propane fridges available. There are 5 of them. The 3.5, 6.1, and 9.4 cubic feet models all have working freezer space of 0.4, 1.6, and 2.1 cubic feet, respectively. Smad’s triple threat of AC, DC and propane makes it one of the killer versatile refrigerator available. Our gas refrigerators are perfect for all your off-grid living needs, meaning you can run it effectively in an RV, a tiny house, an off-grid cabin, or pretty much anywhere else you need refrigeration.


Our corporation devote ourselves to making life better. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. As one of the earliest refrigerator producers, SMAD has been gaining trust from its customer all over the world for the high performance and outstanding quality of its products. Please enjoy your piece of mind with our one-year warranty for all products and our round-the-clock online technical or marketing support. We always stand behind our products and pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service care.

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