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What is off-grid living? -Some ideas about this lifestyle

by Editor 10 Nov 2021 0 Comments
What is off-grid living? -Some ideas about this lifestyle

Recently I have watched a movie named "The Tomorrow War", think you guys might have watched it as well. It is the second movie about aliens invading and the previous one is "The quiet place". The most impressive part is that after aliens invading, humans became so weak and suddenly, the modern civilization is destroyed. Human life returned to a more primitive state and all the stores, shopping malls are shutting down. I was thinking that how could I live in such a condition. This feeling drives me to another thought, that is, so reliant we are on electricity being available at the flick of a switch and popping to the shop for whatever food we fancy. Modern life brings us convenience, but at the same time, it also exposes us to a high level of pressure. As time goes on, this kind of life seems to imprison everyone, sometimes even like a machine running. Then I realized the reason that why off-grid living has now become a popular lifestyle. 

Wouldn't it be cool to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get back to a natural life? Imagine being in a truly self-sufficient way – generating your power, growing your food, rearing your livestock, and being free from the 'connected' systems of society. Off-the-grid living allows for buildings and people to be self-sufficient, which is advantageous in isolated locations where normal utilities cannot reach and is attractive to those who want to reduce environmental impact and cost of living. Sounds great right? But an off-grid building must be able to supply energy and potable water for itself, as well as manage food, waste, and wastewater. 

3 places around the world perfect to live off the grid

For the brave, who are interested in the idea of going off the grid, I have organized a list of places around the world that are nice for off-the-grid life. The world is so big so there must be a lot of amazing places, so these are only a small part of them. Then just scroll down. 

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Australia itself is a beautiful island and I had been living there for a couple of years and love it. The Lord Howe Island is extremely suitable for those who are considering going off the grid for just a short while. Many people take this route of going to a distant and secluded place where they can recharge and get away from the noise and bustle of busy cities for just a little while. The island has a community of about 350, which means that you will be able to have that peace and quiet that is difficult to get anywhere else. 

Freedom Cove, Canada

Artists Catherine and Wayne Adams are responsible for bringing the Freedom Cove to life. The idea of a floating world was theirs and they worked tirelessly in order to achieve it. We know that you can't just head on out there and decide that you are interested in living on the Freedom Cove. The reason why I select this place is to give you a little bit of inspiration. There are even boat tours to the place where you can dock and tour the facilities to really understand the extent to which they have gone to really be "off the grid". 

Tinker's Bubble, England

This off-the-grid place was created in 1994 and proudly boasts of creating a community that uses environmentally sound methods as they make it a point to stay clear of using fossil fuels when they work the land. Tinker's Bubble is possible one of the most self-sufficient and environmentally friendly places out there as they have solar panels and a wind turbine for power, they grow their own food, and perhaps the most interesting aspect is that they process their own timber which they build their houses with. 

The above three places I selected are just examples and there are a lot of wonderful places in the world. Before you start, you must prepare the following stuff. 

The three most basic requirements of off-grid living

Water – On-grid dwellers do not need to worry about sourcing water. It's pumped straight to their houses through the public utility or a well. Off-grid, you are on your own. There are several ways to bring water to your home site, such as rainwater harvesting, digging a well, or using wind or solar power to supply H2O to your home via a freshwater source. 

Food – The pursuit of food is nearly everything in wilderness living. When you remove yourself from the typical way of life and opt to live off the land, you instantly turn from a regular citizen to a hunter-gatherer. Food sourcing means becoming skilled at hunting, fishing, gardening, farming, land management. 

Shelter – Staying safe from the elements – cold, rain, wind, snow – is one of the most important things you can do to stay productive, safe, and alive when you are living off the grid. 

Other useful things you need

Propane/Solar refrigerators: since there will be no electricity when you live off the grid, regular refrigerators cannot be used there. Therefore, you need propane or solar refrigerators to keep your food fresh. Visit our official website for more information about our propane refrigerators.  

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