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How to Organize the Chest Freezer

by Editor 20 Sep 2022 0 Comments
How to Organize the Chest Freezer

       For those who have large capacity storage needs, upright freezers are often difficult to meet their demands, while chest freezers become the best choice. However, there is big trouble in storing food in an organizational style with a chest freezer. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with a few gadgets and simple storage tips!

  Classify the food in different boxes.

  Whatever you organize, the most basic method is categorization. The same goes for organizing the chest freezer. Typically, you can categorize foods into different categories such as meat, cheese, vegetables, bread, seafood, cooked grains, frozen dinners, and frozen desserts. Then put different groups of food into different boxes. For example, you can store meat in red bins and vegetables in green bins.

  Boxes that can be nested or stacked together are more convenient for sorting and storage. For scattered food, you can buy some small storage containers to store them. If you don't want to spend the extra money, you can use an old cardboard box instead. In addition, you can put a label on the outside of the box to remind you what's in the box and when it's expired.

  By organizing the chest freezer in this way, you can quickly find the food you want, know where you should put your newly purchased food, and don't have to rummage through the chest freezer to determine if a certain food has leftovers.



  The order in which food is placed is important.

  Although the freezer provides a lot of space, you will lose a lot of space if the food is not properly placed. Usually, large and heavy foods are placed on the bottom of the freezer and opened and old foods are placed on the top of the freezer.

  For large and heavy foods, you should place them on the bottom of the chest freezer. If you put them on top of the freezer, you will have a hard time reaching the food at the bottom and even crush the food at the bottom. And it will be easier to fill the chest freezer. So you can cut foods like meat and cheese into smaller pieces for storage or take pre-made frozen meals out of the box to save space.

  For opened, old, and frequently used foods, you should place them on the top of the freezer to remind you to consume them. Although the freezer can store food for a long time, if you store it for too long, it may cause nutrient loss or loss of taste. Additionally, Keeping food you use often at the top of the chest freezer will give you easy access to frozen foods you make often, ingredients you use frequently, items you make in a hurry, and snacks you enjoy daily.

  Make an inventory map.

  Even if you have organized the freezer as described above, you still can't directly see what's in the freezer. At this point, you can use an erasable whiteboard and marker to make an inventory map and put it on the chest freezer. The map can record what is in the chest freezer, where it is, and how much is left. So even if you forget what's in the chest freezer, you can check the map. When you and your family share a chest freezer, this method will make it easier for you to synchronize information with each other. If your chest freezer is for commercial use, the map is an important tool for inventory management.

  Organizing the chest freezer may be a bit of a hassle at first, but with a little effort and patience, you will no longer be bothered by a cluttered freezer. If you are interested in more home appliance usage tips, you can follow our store, we will update more home appliance usage tips, such as Safety tips for using a propane refrigerator.

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