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How to clean stainless steel appliances

by Editor 10 Nov 2021 0 Comments
How to clean stainless steel appliances

Because of its durability, simplicity, and safety, stainless steel has become a major material used in the production of household appliances. Many people choose the stainless steel finish style because the exterior fits into modern decoration.

When your brand-new stainless-steel refrigerator first arrives, it has a pristine gleam that instantly brightens up your kitchen. However, by day two, the refrigerator has lost its luster thanks to grubby fingers, water drips, and messy accidents. There, keeping up with a cleaning and polishing routine is a must. Luckily, there are easy ways to make your stainless-steel surfaces look new, no matter how old they may be. This article aims to provide several practical methods to clean your stainless-steel appliances, so don’t miss this!

Things you need to keep in mind Before you start.

Before you use any kind of cleaning product on your appliances, do not forget to read the user manual carefully because there are a lot of different brands and types of home appliances in the market and every product has different features. Know your products before you apply something to your appliances just in case some products are easy to be damaged.

Let’s get started!

Next, I will give you guys some useful and easy methods to clean your appliances.

No.1 baby oil!

BTW, I have to admit that this is not my invention…

My friend shared this tip with us that he’d heard from a salesman at an appliance store – use mineral oil to shine stainless steel. It’s not only done its work to shine the surface, but it also helped to keep it shiny and repel fingerprints and smudges. But what I’ve found is that we can use baby oil to easily replace the mineral. If you don’t have baby oil, use olive oil instead. First, wipe down your appliances with a soft, wet rag. The baby oil will shine the surface, but won’t clean any significant grime off of it. For really tough grime, try adding a little bit of vinegar to the wet rag. Don’t worry about any watermarks left behind by the rag, we’ll take care of those! Then you need baby oil and dry, soft cloth. A microfiber cloth is preferable, but I didn’t have any on hand so I used an old soft cotton t-shirt. Put some baby oil on your cloth and then wipe it on in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel. (Look closely and you’ll see that there are lots of tiny little lines all going in the same direction – can you see that mine go side to side? Wipe parallel to the tiny lines and not perpendicular to them, otherwise, you risk scratching the surface.) Then, using almost NO pressure at all, turn your cloth over to the dry side and softly buff the oil off. I ended up with a couple of streaks on my first pass, but I went over it again with some more oil and got that perfect sparkling shine I was looking for. Now, step back and admire the sparkle! Ahhh, isn’t that nice? And the best part, I’ve found that this method actually does repel those little munchkin fingerprints! By doing so, you can easily make your fridge, dishwasher, oven reborn!

No 2. Dish Soap

Unlike other surfaces, stainless steel is surprisingly easy to clean: just wipe away any streaks or smudges with cloths. Even if you don’t have any stainless-steel cleaners on hand, you can use other at-home cleaners for a quick spiff-up. Remember avoiding sourcing powders, steel wool, bleach, and ammonia to prevent damage to the appliance’s finish.

Use dish soap: mix 1 teaspoon of dish detergent and one-quart hot tap water. Using a microfiber cloth, rub the detergent solution onto the marks in small sections, going with the grain. Rinse with clean hot water only, and dry immediately with a clean cloth.

Overall, stainless steel is a good choice while choosing home appliances because of the sleek, modern look and high-end feel they bring to the kitchen. By using our methods, it is also very easy to clean them. SMAD also provides many kinds of stainless-steel appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers. Contact us now if you are interested in them.

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