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Brand Story – The establishment of SMAD

by Editor 09 Nov 2021 0 Comments
Brand Story – The establishment of SMAD

"I was born in a remote rural area of China. When I was young, China's economy was just starting to develop and people's life was not rich, so watching TV was a luxury for most people. Interestingly, I always believe people in those years are pure and austere. Although my parents are not in good financial condition, they always focus on educating me to be an honest and reliable person. I have been yearning for TV since that time, and I often went to my neighbor's house to watch TV. At that time, my perception of appliances was that they were expensive, scarce, and only used by a few families. Similarly, nowadays household appliances are not luxury anymore, however, those appliances with latest technologies are still pricy. I do want people who are not very wealthy to enjoy the technology with reasonable prices.

Later, in my study, I saw more and more household appliances and came into contact with more and more products, and I became more and more interested in them. As China's economy was slowly recovering, I also felt a surge of courage in my heart at that time, wanting more people to use household appliances. With such an idea, I applied for the only university which had the major of household appliances in China.

After graduation, I immediately devoted myself to the field of household appliances and have been deeply engaged in the field of household appliances for more than ten years. Along the way, I also worked in some of China's largest electronics companies and experienced the power of China's supply chain. But these companies still have certain price barriers, some new technology products are still very expensive, not all families can afford to buy.

In order to enable every family to enjoy the high quality of life brought by technology, I started my own business and founded the brand ‘SMAD’. We want to use the most practical design, the lowest cost to bring the latest technology products to every family, so that every family can enjoy a higher quality of life. We deeply hope all families around the world can enjoy the dividends of made in China. We sincerely hope that higher quality and lower price products made by us can be distributed to every inch of the world.

High quality life is not expensive."



Brand founder Steven Wang

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