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All You Need to Know About a Gas Refrigerator

by Editor 20 Jul 2022 0 Comments
All You Need to Know About a Gas Refrigerator

If you are a fan of the camping lifestyle, chances are that you are interested in a gas- or propane-powered refrigerator. Today, propane refrigerators are a popular option for recreational vehicles, cabins, lake houses, or any place that doesn’t have ready access to electricity. Thus, those living in areas that lack electricity or suffer frequent power outages require gas refrigerators. For example, RV owners rely on propane to keep their refrigerators running on the road, and more reliable and effective than refrigerators running on battery power. Likewise, anyone who lives “off-grid” or in extremely remote areas will find propane preferable to solar panel electricity to meet the demands of ongoing refrigeration.



How does a gas refrigerator work?

These units are economical and don’t require an outside power source.

The sealed cooling system located at the rear of the propane-powered fridge holds water, liquid ammonia, and hydrogen gas and uses a propane flame to heat the water and ammonia to their boiling point in what is called a generator. The gas material then rises into a condensing chamber where it cools and returns to fluidity. This fluid then flows into another chamber - the evaporator—where it mixes with hydrogen gas. It’s here that a chemical reaction occurs that pulls or absorbs heat from inside the refrigerator. Once the solution absorbs enough heat, the ammonia returns to a gas state, starting the process over again.


What are the advantages of gas refrigerators?

1. Convenience

Summer is around the corner, marking the time when you are planning a travel or a clamping night. The convenience of a gas fridge will make it a must on your list. With it, you will be unshackled from powered caravan sites to enjoy real adventures away from the urban. Users report 11 days or longer on a standard 20-pound propane tank - depending on outside temperature, how often the refrigerator is accessed, and materials inside the refrigerator. So you have the freedom to venture further than ever before – and still enjoy the luxury of chilled food and drink.


2. Efficiency

Efficiency is another big advantage of the gas fridge. they are known to run for several weeks on a single 9kg gas bottle. So, if you’re heading out for some free camping in national parks, at a rest area or in the bush, a caravan gas fridge has got it covered.


3. Longer life span

Its self-contained system doesn’t rely on mechanical, or moving parts, meaning these units remain reliable for years. A gas fridge will often only need replacing after about 20 years. Compare that to around ten years life span of compressor fridges, longer life span means money-saving in the long run. But it does depend on the model you choose and how well you maintain it. Choose a trustworthy brand, and you can be sure your fridge is designed to accompany you for decades.


4. Quiet operation

Cooling in refrigerators and freezers is provided by a refrigeration system with a compressor (some appliances also include a fan) which causes some noise. Due to the self-contained system, 3-way fridges hardly make a sound. This is a huge bonus when you’re in a small space, i.e. a caravan.

Now you have known most facts about the gas refrigerator, and the next question is how to find a reliable gas fridge.

If you are looking for cost-effective gas refrigerators of great quality, Smad would be the ultimate smart choice. It has been a trustworthy brand of electric appliances worldwide. A gas absorption refrigerator is one of its featured products. Whether you’re ready to pack up the RV for your next camping trip, or need the tank topped off at home, get in touch with us to find the great propane refrigerators.

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