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Why Do You Need A Wine Cooler

by Editor 03 Aug 2022 0 Comments
Why Do You Need A Wine Cooler

Wine coolers, also called wine fridges or wine caves, are used to chill your wine to the perfect serving temperature. Sure, a wine fridge is smaller and less expensive than an entire wine cellar. But if you're a wine enthusiast, or simply enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, wine cooler is worth your investment!

In this blog post, we'll help you decide whether or not you really need one in your home.

After all, let’s make it clear——


What is a wine cooler?

It is different from beverage coolers and refrigerators. Generally, a wine cooler is set to a higher temperature range than a refrigerator or beverage cooler because wine cannot be kept as cold as other beverages, and the temperature should be more stable. On average a wine cooler will not offer temperatures lower than 46 Fahrenheit degrees. A beverage cooler and refrigerator are similar to each other, but beverage coolers frequently do not offer the adjustable shelves or door storage that a refrigerator often does, and they often have glass doors in order to display the contents.


What is the point of a wine cooler?



When you have this question, we are sure you are asking yourself, “do I really need a wine fridge?”

Let’s answer the question about the function of a wine fridge. The first point is that a wine fridge offers the perfect serving temperature for your wine. This is one of the most important reasons that it cannot be simply replaced by a regular fridge. A regular fridge is meant to keep perishables cold and dry. This temperature is too harsh for the fragile composition of wine. Besides, the regular fridge likely gets opened and closed quite often, which can cause its temperature to fluctuate. Constant temperature fluctuations are harmful to bottles of wine.

The second point is about the humidity level. Humidity control is a critical feature in wine cooler design. A relative humidity (RH) of 50% to 70% is recognized as an adequate wine cooler humidity level, with 60% the ideal. Without ideal humidity, wine quality may be affected in several ways. If the humidity is higher than 70%, it will likely cause mold and degradation of the labels and glue. On the other hand, if the humidity is lower than 50%, corks will begin to dry out resulting in loss of liquid in the bottles and possible degradation of the wine.

The last point is the vibration generated by a machine. Vibration can disturb sediment present in the bottle, but it also causes complex chemical reactions which are less visible. Vibration (and the resulting increased kinetic energy in the bottle) leads to a decrease in tartaric and succinic acids, causing a reduction in esters, which dulls flavors. Vibration also increases the amount of propanol in a wine (reducing aromatics), raises isoamyl alcohol (accentuating acetone notes), and results in a higher refractive index, which makes wine taste sweeter. Therefore, in order to make your wine stay fresher and longer, a wine cooler is necessary.


Is the wine cooler worth the money?



Whether a wine cooler is worth the money will predominantly depend on the size and condition of your wine collection. If you are a wine enthusiast who has acquired 15+ bottles of wine over years, it may be worth investing in a wine cooler. The wine cooler will ensure that these bottles are stored in the most perfect conditions to ensure that they age as best as they possibly can. If these bottles are merely left in cupboards or regular refrigerators, they will be subject to all sorts of environmental fluctuations, and this will be reflected in their taste. A wine cooler will also provide you with that extra element of household organization which can be extremely useful, especially if your wine collection is beginning to clutter up your home space. Moreover, if you have a particular precious wine collection, you will want to ensure that the wine is kept in the uttermost ideal conditions. Whilst a wine cooler is a relatively big investment if it means saving some of your oldest, most treasured, and expensive wines, then surely it is worth every penny.

Another factor that will influence whether or not a wine fridge is worth the money, is the location and size of your home. For example, if you live in an apartment or a house that is particularly warm, humid, or poorly insulated, it would be incredibly practical and beneficial for you to buy a wine cooler. Similarly, if you are someone that is currently renovating your home and are looking for that extra special feature to give your space that unique, luxe feeling, a tall wine cooler could be a perfect choice. Before buying a wine cooler, you should make sure that you have enough space for it.


What wine cooler is good?

I suggested the wine cooler from SMAD. They have different sizes to meet different requirements. Also, the high-quality cooling system makes sure the temperature stays stable and generates zero vibration. Visit to explore more information about the wine cooler.

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