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How to choose an ice maker

by Editor 16 Dec 2022 0 Comments
How to choose an ice maker

The difference between an ice maker and a refrigerator

Refrigerators are mainly used to store food. If you use a refrigerator to make ice, not only the speed of making ice is slow, but also the shape of the ice is not good-looking. In addition, if a lot of food is stored in the refrigerator, it will make the ice smelly and unclean. On the contrary, using an ice maker to make ice is not only faster but also the ice cubes are clean and transparent and not easy to melt. Therefore, if you need ice, it is very necessary to have a suitable ice maker. I will list some key points to help you choose an ice maker.


Ice Making Efficiency

Different brands and models of ice makers have different ice-making capabilities. Most ice machines take 6-12 minutes to make ice once and can produce 20 to 35 pounds of ice every 24 hours. If you usually have a large demand for ice or a large number of people at home, it is recommended to give priority to ice makers with fast ice-making speed and strong ice-making capacity.


Storage Space

When the ice cube is made, it will be transferred to the ice bucket, and most ice makers will stop running after the ice bucket is filled. Therefore, although the capacity of the ice bucket will not directly affect the ice-making capacity, if the storage space is too small, you need to check the ice bucket every once in a while and empty it in time to prevent the ice maker from stopping and ice melting.


Type and size of ice

Ice has various shapes, such as Crescent, Full Cube, Half Cube, Nugget, Bullet, Gourmet, etc. But many ice makers can only provide one shape. You can confirm in advance what type of ice you like and what size of ice you like. Then choose according to your needs. For example, I chose the SMAD ice maker that can provide bullet ice blocks of three sizes according to my preference.



If you attach great importance to the home decoration of the kitchen, you need to choose an ice maker suitable for your home style according to your existing decoration. For example, if you have stainless steel appliances or stainless steel refrigerators in your home, the stainless steel household ice maker will be perfect for your kitchen. If you don't have a clear idea, you can choose modern finishes such as black and white stainless steel colors, which can match most decoration styles.


Ice maker type

In addition to common household portable desktop ice machines, there are Built-in, Commercial, and Outdoor ice machines. Different types have different functions and features, which can be selected according to your needs.

Countertop ice maker: small size, suitable for use on the kitchen counter.

Built-in ice maker: suitable for under the counter, can be integrated with any kitchen theme or design, and can provide more powerful ice-making capacity and storage capacity.

Outdoor ice maker: with strong heat insulation capacity, it can withstand slightly higher temperatures and prolong the melting time of ice.

Commercial ice maker: its ice-making and storage capacity is strong, the shape and size of ice cubes produced are more abundant, and the quality of ice cubes is higher and crystal clear.


When ice is added to your drink, its quality, shape, and size will affect the taste and taste of the drink. I hope you can choose the right ice maker to improve your experience of drinking the iced beverage.

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